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James O’Grady Green Party of Ontario – Nepean Campaign Office
250 Greenbank Rd., Unit 10
Nepean ON K2H 8X4

t: (613) 800-3326
e: nepean@gpo.ca

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James O'Grady, Green Party candidate in the riding of Nepean

My Promise

“The Green Party is the only political party that does not whip its candidates or elected representatives. As your MPP, I will be able to vote according to the wishes of Nepean residents rather than just along partisan lines.

If elected, I promise to consult before every vote at Queen’s Park with anyone who wishes. As I did with UnpublishedOttawa.com—a social media website for current affairs in Canada—I will build the tools necessary to consult in a meaningful and effective way. Let’s work to solve Nepean’s problems together!

Doing Politics Differently means putting people first.”

— James O’Grady, Green Party candidate in Nepean

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In Nepean, James O’Grady will advocate for:

1. Building Strong Communities through schools, community associations and smart design

In the 2010 municipal election campaign, James advocated for “Building Strong Communities” through the active participation in community organizations and groups like schools and community associations. He believes the smart design of streets, institutions, parks, green and public spaces can help support and encourage more people to get involved in their community. Strong communities are an important part of a sustainable society.

*Read James O’Grady’s OpEd on why he opposed the closing of community schools in Nepean last year.

2. “Complete Streets: Safer roads for All (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers + public transit users)

Complete Streets are an integral component in creating a safe environment for people to live active lives in and around their communities. By ensuring pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and public transit users all have their own space, people will be more compelled to live active lives because they can do so safely.

In this election, James is advocating for a “Complete Streets” approach to be employed for Robertson Road in Bells Corners, Greenbank Road, between Huntclub Rd. and Baseline Rd., and along Longfields Drive in Barrhaven from the Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School to Cabrian Road, where the Minto Recreational Complex is located.

*Read this Policy Paper – Active Transportation 2018 to learn more about how Nepean can become a more active and healthy community.

3. Seniors Healthcare: Doctor Home Visits; More resources and funding for home care

With an aging babyboom retiring, the need to provide long-term care for seniors will be a mounting challenge for Ontario and the province’s municipal governments over the next 20 years. The Green Party wants to provide more funding for home care so seniors and those who are suffering from chronic illness can remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Expanding home care will require Ontario’s doctors to make house-calls again, as they once did. Something James’ mother Helen O’Grady, who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, used to benefit from. Now as she ages, the need for home doctor visits is even greater, yet, the service is very hard to come by. Getting to the doctor’s office is 9/10ths of the battle. Including Doctor home visits as part of an expanded home care program is something James will work hard to achieve if elected MPP for Nepean.

4. Reduce Payroll Taxes for small and medium size businesses

Small business comprises 70% of all private sector jobs in Ontario. It is the backbone of the economy. The Green Party of Ontario is very much a party made up of small business people, like James O’Grady the Green Party candidate in Nepean. We understand the stresses small businesses experience. And, while we believe everyone deserves a Guaranteed Income to live their life with dignity, we understand it should not be done on the backs of small business people.

The Green Party of Ontario is advocating for the Payroll Health Tax Exemption to be increased to $1 Million. It is currently $450,000.

5. Re-invest in community schools by saving $1 Billion/yr by merging Catholic + Public SBs

Recent polls indicate 70% of Ontarians, including 50% of Catholic parents, support merging the Catholic and Public School Boards in Ontario.

The Green Party of Ontario believes merging the administrations will remove the duplication of four school boards and save between $1 Billion and $1.6 Billion annually. Money that can be re-invested in classroom resources, specialty teachers like gym, art and music teachers, Education Assistants (EAs) and support for special needs students.

There is no reason to continue to divide our neighbourhoods along religious lines. The Green Party seeks ways to bring people together, not divide them. All children should have the right to go to school in their local community with their friends and families and to do so by foot, bike and skateboard if they wish. This is no longer the case in Nepean.

It takes a village to raise a child… let’s make sure all of our children receive the best education possible, in a supportive and loving environment.

*Read James O’Grady’s OpEd on why he opposed the closing of community schools in Nepean last year.

6. Commuter Rail over existing rail lines (LetsGoMoose.ca)

The Green Party is not afraid to engage the private sector in solving the many environmental challenges we face. Solutions like Moose Commuter Rail, which is proposing commuter rail for Eastern Ontario and Western-Quebec over existing rail lines, much like the GO Train in the Greater Toronto Area, would enhance the City of Ottawa’s LRT plan and allow people living in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec to travel throughout the region without a car.

If realized, Bells Corners and Barrhaven would be served directly by commuter rail. Check out the map on the LetsGoMoose.ca website to see where Moose could take you!

7. Protecting forests, wetlands and green spaces in urban areas

The natural environment around us here in Nepean provides a home for plants, animals and insects of all shapes and sizes. In doing so, it creates an ecosystem for human life to flourish. Acknowledging the special role forests, wetlands and green spaces play in making our lives better is a necessary step to ensuring their long-term survival.

James grew up in Arlington Woods, an old growth forest of white pine and beech trees on the edge of the greenbelt. The forest and all its varied forms of life played a big role in influencing his decision to join the Green Party.

The City of Ottawa is considering a Heritage Forest designation for old growth forests within the City’s boundaries, like Arlington Woods. James is advocating for a Heritage Forest designation to protect forests like his and others. He would also like special protection for wetlands and green spaces so Nepean residents can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature all around us.

8. Real-time sharing of Nepean patient files between the Ottawa Hospital Network and Queensway-Carleton Hospital for “Emergency” situations

Its hard to believe the result of Nepean’s many politicians clamouring over the years for the Queensway-Carleton Hospital’s independence from the Ottawa Hospital Network has resulted in Nepean residents becoming second-class citizens in Ottawa because the Queensway-Carleton Hospital is not on the same network as hospitals like the Ottawa Civic Hospital and the Ottawa General Hospital.

This means that at the time when you most need it, the emergency doctors at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, where you will be whisked by ambulance, can not access your personal patient files in real-time. I.e. In time to save your life.

This must change. Its time for the Queensway-Carleton Hospital to be connected in real-time with other area Ottawa Hospitals so Nepean residents can receive the same level of care as everyone else living in Ottawa. If this means the Queensway-Carleton Hospital joins the Ottawa Hospital Network, then James says, “Let’s make it happen!”

Nepean All Candidates Debate

About James

James O’Grady is a social media entrepreneur (UnpublishedOttawa.com), communications professional, occasional teacher and community leader in the community of Trend-Arlington. James is the only son of the late Jim O’Grady, QC and Helen Alexiades (social worker). James grew up in the community of Trend-Arlington where he continues to live with his wife, son and mother (see pictures below).

James O’Grady is a graduate of all of three schools on Greenbank Road, including Sir Robert Borden High School, where he starred for the SRB Blues as a goaltender (MVP 1985).  James is also an alumnus of the Nepean Minor Hockey Association, where he learned to play hockey, play nets and become a leader.

Political Experience

James O’Grady was born in 1966 into the Liberal Party and was weaned on the Vietnam War and Watergate. His father Jim O’Grady worked in Pearson’s government and campaigned for Pierre Trudeau in the 1970’s. Jim O’Grady was Margaret Trudeau’s first divorce attorney.

James worked in Jean Chretien’s war room in 1993 and in the Liberal Party Research Bureau both before and after the 1993 election. He left the Liberals in 2002 after learning of Paul Martin‘s private war to undermine Jean Chretien.

In 2005, James joined the Green Party and became CEO for the Toronto Centre EDA, serving as the campaign manager in the 2006 federal election. In 2007, James served as Director of Campaign Communications for the Green Party of Ontario, when, largely due to his communications strategy, the Green Party of Ontario tripled its support, garnering 8.3% of the popular vote.

In 2010, James ran for Ottawa City Council in Ward 9: Knoxdale-Merivale. He finished second out of 10 candidates with just under 20% support, surpassing both the Liberal and Conservative supported candidates.

After witnessing some questionable coverage of the 2010 municipal campaign by local media, James launched the social media website UnpublishedOttawa.com in 2013 to provide a vehicle for Canadians to publish their ideas and opinions online free of political and media interference.

Professional Experience

James has worked in both the private and public sectors. Originally working in sales and marketing, James returned to university in 1998 to complete a graduate level Diploma in Communications from Concordia University. After graduation, James moved to Toronto where he worked in Internet Media. Initially James began working in sales and marketing of online advertising products and technology, in both the B2C and B2B market places, and then later as a media producer of live-interactive projects and events, in what was a precursor to social media apps.

In 2007, James graduated from Windsor University and became an Occasional Teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board and later with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. He specializes in the Junior and Intermediate levels. He has taught in many of Ottawa’s elementary schools, including all five schools closed in Nepean last year.

In 2013, James launched UnpublishedOttawa.com, a social media website for current affairs in Ottawa and across the country. In 2017, he launched a new business specializing in body essential products made with hempseed oil.

Community Leader

James stepped down as President of the Trend-Arlington Community Association (TACA) in 2016 to run in the provincial election, after serving 8-years as President, VP and Membership Coordinator. As a community leader, James organized and ran the Hockey Day in Ward 9 Shinny Hockey Tournament for kids and families in Nepean from 2011-16. He also coached a softball clinic for neighbourhood children in Trend-Arlington.

In 2008, James lead community opposition to the Shoppers DrugMart across from Knoxdale Public School, and again in 2011, against the oversized condo development on the corner of Craig Henry and Greenbank Rd. Both times the community succeeded in reducing the size of the development and improving the site plan.

In 2009, James helped found the Knoxdale-Merivale Council of Community Associations (KMC), a Ward Council for Ward 9 community associations. He also served as VP Communications for the Federation of Citizen Associations in Ottawa from 2011-12 where he hosted two community meetings on the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

Just about everything James has written in the last 10 years can be found on UnpublishedOttawa.com at: https://unpublishedottawa.com/users/james-ogrady

James O’Grady Pictures

1983 Nepean Raiders Midget B ODMHA Champions

1983 Nepean Raiders Midget B ODMHA Champions. James O’Grady is pictured as goaltender.

James O'Grady with his parents Jim and Helen (Alexiade) O'Grady.

James O’Grady with his parents Jim and Helen (Alexiades) O’Grady, 2005.

James O'Grady with wife Lisa Cha

James O’Grady with wife Lisa Cha showing off their clover rings.

Trend-Arlington Community Association executive and volunteers pose in front of PJ Quigley banner during 2009 Winter Carnival.

James O'Grady in his full goalie equipment taking shots from kids and youth in Trend-Arlington.

James O’Grady in his full goalie gear taking shots from youth at the  Trend-Arlington rink.

James O’Grady speaks to voters during the 2010 municipal election campaign.


Contact Information:

James O’Grady Green Party of Ontario – Nepean Campaign Office
250 Greenbank Rd., Unit 10
Nepean ON K2H 8X4

t: (613) 800-3326
e: nepean@gpo.ca