Nepean Greens

The Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association–Nepean is the face of the Green movement in the new riding of Nepean, situated in the southwest area of the City of Ottawa.

Our executive consist of the following people:

  • James O’Grady, President
  • Jean-Luc Cooke, Financial Agent
  • Catherine Macgregor, Secretary
  • Mike Smith, Communications


To contact us please visit the Feedback page.

Our Vision

Our Green Vision for Ontario focuses on three pillars: Jobs. People. Planet.

Our goal is to build on the work people like you are already doing in your community, working to make positive change, overcoming social barriers and improving the health of each other and our planet.

Working together, we can build a future for our province that is good for us now and for generations to come.


We can kick-start local job creation by supporting cleantech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small businesses. We can build and support a green middle class by embracing the growing clean economy, refocusing on local homegrown businesses, and making homes and childcare more affordable.


We can improve your health by preventing illness, not just treating it–providing more supports for mental health, primary and community care. We must make Ontario fair for everyone by fighting against systemic racism and sexism. And let’s make our democracy work for all citizens, not just the well-connected insiders.


We must defend the places we love on this planet. There is no Planet B. We can tackle climate change and build a new economy. We can reduce pollution and gridlock. We can protect our water and farmland.

More info on our vision at: